AFS uses several methods of analysis and investment strategies in formulating investment advice for our clients. This includes “buy and hold” strategy, long and short-term equity purchases, and technical allocation shifts. If a client requests so, we will use margin transactions. We blend a group of major indices together to form Efficient Frontier recommendations based on Modern Portfolio Theory – in other words, we identify a combination of holdings that offer you the best potential returns with the least amount of risk.

In addition, AFS uses industry-leading software to screen active fund managers, processing extensive raw data for style analysis. This evaluation helps ensure that identified managers represent the targeted index. Additionally, we set tolerances for portfolio weightings to allow for market fluctuation, minimizing taxable events for our clients based on short-term market movements. Clients should recognize that investing in securities involves a risk of loss that they should be prepared to bear.

AFS believes that successful long-term risk/return results can be achieved with our strategies. We employ quantitative and qualitative criteria, identifying mutual funds and ETF's that offer an ideal combination of performance, risk and expense. This approach offers you certain advantages, such as:

  • broad exposure to equities across the investment spectrum;
  • appropriate sector weightings in an effort to add value; and
  • suitable use of fixed income investments. Risks include material loss of principal resulting from poor fund performance.

Individual equity holdings allow you to better manage the tax implications of long-term investing. Our stock screening process focuses on

  • the company's financial health;
  • management's use of excess capital (free cash flow); and
  • the company's (or industry's) growth prospects. Individual stocks, however, are not suitable for all investors. They often carry more risk and the potential for greater volatility than mutual funds.

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